courtesy of Crystal Herry Photography
courtesy of Crystal Herry Photography

Interview with YOUR Wedding Planner

Have you ever wanted to simply sit down and talk with a wedding planner so you can get answers to all your questions?  Now you can....

Wedding Planner:  Mary Homer, PWP

Q:  What made you interested in becoming a wedding planner?
A:   I'm a very creative person, whether it's with flowers, food, decorating or orchestrating a special event for family.  I discovered this was my passion and have enjoyed every moment since then.

Q:   What are the qualities you should look for in a wedding planner?
A:    First, you need to connect with your wedding planner. He/she needs to listen to you and get to know you, along with what your vision is for your day.  Next, you need someone who is organized, with the ability to work within your budget.  Let's face it, everyone has a budget, regardless of it's size.  You want someone who manages well, who has "people skills" and of course creativity.

Q:  I don't think I can afford a wedding planner and what will he/she do for me?

A:   People used to think wedding planners were for high end brides only.  In reality, anyone can really afford a planner as there are different services available for any bride and groom planning their wedding.  Services may range from planning your special day from start to finish or maybe you'd prefer to plan your big day yourself and simply need someone to oversee your special day.  Your planner also works with vendors on a regular basis, builds a working relationship with them and is able to negotiate the very best price for you.  Additionally, you have his/her creativity available, he/she will handle all the "little details" that are special for you and make your event a day to remember.  Lastly, dont forget the stress of such an important day is taken off your shoulders and you're able to be a guest at your own wedding!

Q:  What do you do in an emergency? Someone tears their gown, someone forgets they're outdoors and the bugs come out?
A:   Our team always plans for the unexpected and are ready to trouble shoot. With that in mind, we always have an emergency bag on hand for every event.  So if you tear your gown, we will mend it; if the bugs are getting the better of you, we always carry bug spray; we offer bottled water to ensure out bride and groom are hydrated; we always carry double sided tape for those thngs that just don't want to stick and numerous other items our clients may need.  Preparing for the unexpected is our job.

Q:  Do you charge a fee to meet with clients?
Some planners do, however I choose not to. This is because you don't know if we're a match for you and your wedding.  I offer a free, one hour initial consultation.  If you decide at the end of the consultation you'd like to retain our services, we discuss the specific services you're interested in, work out the details of the contract and we move forward with your special day.


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