Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

​Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski is the newest line of jewels from Swarovski for your wedding and everyday. We all know Swarovski is a luxary line of jewelry but  their Touchstone line is an affordable line for everyone.  Gold, silver, rose gold and oh so many crystals in so many colors and styles!  This jewelry is a must for any wedding. It's perfect for the bride, her bridesmaids and don't forget mom and your mother in law.  Call us today to see our gorgeous line for you to touch, feel and enjoy!


​​Officiant Services

Your wedding day is such a very special day, so who do you choose for your officiant?  We are so excited to offer our clients Officiant Services as part of our many services.  Customizing your vows and your ceremony to make your day more memorable and all about you.  As it should be.  

You Can Rent That???

Are you planning a wedding or special event?  Looking for gorgeous, expensive centerpieces but are deterred by the initial sticker shock associated with purchasing each and every one of them? How will you ever afford them?  The answer is rentals.  If you can think of it, someone likely has it for rent, whether it’s centerpieces, stylish or modern furniture, or elegant linens.  Rentals are the perfect option.

We all know how expensive it can be to purchase a piece of furniture or elaborate linens for the holidays.  So think outside of the box.  What kind of items you may ask?  The sky’s the limit for rentals!  You will find furniture (numerous styles, colors and generations), accessories galore (suitcases, candle holders, pillows, books, boxes, tables and chairs, china, flatware, glassware and chargers to name a few) and lets not forget linens (whether elaborate or simple you will find many, many options).

There are many companies providing you with the items you may need or want.  Local and out of town companies have a variety of items to view and rent.  So explore your options and if possible be sure to view the items prior to renting them.  This allows you to know the condition the items are in.  If you can’t inspect them, be sure to view a picture of the item and inspect it upon arrival.

This is a field that is growing exponentially. This option will allow you to stretch your budget with fabulous choices.  So be sure to dream big, even on a budget.

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Happy planning!

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Published in TheWedding Planner Magazine

We had the honor of being published in The Wedding Planner Magazine for one of our outstanding wedding this past year.  It's an honor to have been selected and featured in such a prestigous magazine for wedding planners. 

Mary Homer - Fairy Tale Weddings and Events


2017 Trend Setters


2017 is here and for anyone who is newly engaged or planning their wedding, you need to know the latest trends in weddings for the New Year.


Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 is “Greenery”, which is a soft, pretty shade of green. Green is not necessarily the color you initially think of for a wedding color scheme, but it can be so inviting and revitalizing. Green is a color of nature and symbolizes harmony, freshness and fertility.  Whether you’re planning a more natural, rustic wedding or something a bit more classic, green is the perfect color for you.  You can add this color in your decor, your bouquet or centerpiece florals and even favors.  Don’t be afraid of this color as it really does work.  Sprinkle it here and there and spread it around and throughout your wedding.  You’ll be happily surprised at how impactful this color can be.

Sophistication and romance is high on our list for the coming year.  Whether you’re planning a Bohemian, flowy, romantic wedding or you’re looking for polished sophistication, always bring it together with a beautiful balance of colors, prints, metals and wood.  Your linens are a great base to start and build from.

Speaking of linens lush and opulent linens will be everywhere.  Whether it’s an exquisite shade of gold (solid gold, rose gold), soft champagne, blush or taupe, all are on trend. Metallics are still very popular and in high demand.  Don’t be afraid to mix your metals.  It can be fun, exciting and oh so very glamorous! Whether it’s gold, silver, bronze or copper, they all work together. We’ve had the pleasure of working with this exact combination of metals and you’d be amazed at how beautiful it all works together.  (Thanks to the courtesy of Clark and Walker Photography, you’ll find a little bit of our work below).


(courtesy of Clark and Walker Photography)

Vintage and lace dresses are making a huge come back.  Remember what was old, is now new again.  It’s the same in the bridal world.  Do you have a vintage dress your mom wore for her wedding?  Re-envision it as your dress.  Be sure you find an experienced seamstress and let her work her magic! Looking for that “vintage look” or something with lace, check out your local bridal shops.  The service and expertise of the staff at your bridal shop will help you find that perfect dress you’ve always dreamed of.

If vintage and lace dresses are not your style, not to fear, dramatic and longer gowns are very popular.  Ball gowns are dramatic and full for you to make your entrance just as grand as you’ve always dreamed of.  And let’s not forget about the details on your dress.  It’s all about the details! So don’t overlook the lace, detailed beading, pearls and overlay.  Not just on your dress, but in your hair and all your accessories.

Flowy, long, simple hair is still the way to go ladies.  Soft up-dos with flowy hair resting on your neck and shoulders will speak volumes with any romantic, stylish wedding.  Whether your planning a rustic, natural wedding or an over the top event, soft up-dos are very popular this season.  It leaves an effortless look for you to love and looks fabulous
in your photos.


Don’t forget about your make-up.  Make up will fluctuate between soft pastels and neutrals, as well as the “Vintage Hollywood” look, with black eyeliner and dramatic red lips.  What better way to say “I’m the bride” than with a bold and beautiful red lip?

Whether you’re just starting to plan your wedding or you’ve been planning for awhile, keeping up on the newest trends is a great way to gather inspiration!

Happy planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Event


Lights, Camera, Action!

When you’re a bride, so much planning goes into your big day.  You want every detail to be perfect.  You’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl watching Cinderella.  After all, you found your Prince Charming and now it’s your big day.

Are you personalizing your wedding with things that are important to you?  Is it the names of your important dates as table names (your first date at Lugiu’s Pizza Shop or your first trip to Maine), vs. table numbers? or is your favor that “favorite” thing you love as a couple (honey from your local bee keeper, jam from grandma)?

What’s the latest personal touch for weddings? Try lighting…yes lighting.  But this isn’t your typical lighting.  Everyone has seen street lights, string lights and colorful up lighting.  Trending is “Your Love  Story”, your favorite phrase that you use or your pet names for each other, or even a design that represents you as a couple, light it up in lights.  Be creative and use lighting.  This is your day so make it special and make it personal.  A cookie cutter wedding is easy, but you aren’t a cookie cutter bride. You’re a beautiful, inspired and inspirational woman who has creativity to make this big day your own! Reach for the stars!

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer
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Fabulous Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are one of those things you don’t want your guests to throw away.  So be thoughtful in choosing your wedding favors.  Here’s a few Favor ideas that are sure to get your guests attention.
Everyone loves ooey gooey foods, so why not give them as favors?  Try Cinnamon Buns, Pie Pops or salty, soft Pretzels. 
Home baked goods are great if you have a baker in your family.  Let them make their famous cookie or truffles.  They box easily and everyone loves something sweet at the end of the night.
Having a country wedding?  Think about a favor from the heart like homemade jam or salsa.  Who doesn’t love salsa and chips or maybe jam on their toast.  They’ll think of you and your wedding for days to come.
Are you looking for something a little more down to earth?  Seedlings have been around for some time but there are so many ways to display them for your guests and encourage us all to plant flowers and greenery.  Whether its seeds or mini plants and/or trees, planting is always a great gift to give back to our environment.
Candy is always a crowd pleaser. Whether you choose a candy bar or you jar mints, your guests will enjoy them.
Looking for something unique? Try custom fortune cookies with chocolate and sprinkles! Having an Adult wedding? Try adult beverage favors from mini liquors to hard soda. 
Fun and unique ideas are around every corner.  What are you passionate about? Love to do? Or is something special to you as a couple?  Make your wedding memorable with a special favor to thank your guests for coming and being a part of such a very special day.
Happy planning!
Mary Homer 
Fairy Tale Weddings and Events



Spring Is In The Air

Brides are planning their weddings for this Spring and Summer.  I thought this would be the perfect time to provide you with our top 10 ideas for your big day.  A Spring wedding is the perfect time to start new, whether it’s in starting to plan your wedding day or you’re already prepared for your big day in the next few months.
  1. A tea length wedding dress is fresh and is perfect for any rustic or back yard style wedding this Spring.
  2. Bow ties have made a huge comeback.  They now come in a large variety of colors and patterns and can provide the groom with that something extra he’s looking for.
  3. Groomsmen can overheat on a very warm day, so consider a lightweight, light colored suit for them.  They’ll thank you for it.
  4. Glam up any wedding ceremony or reception with chandeliers.  They come in all sizes and can typically be easily installed, even for outside locations (gardens, trellis, and any backyard).
  5. Spring florals are fresh, bright and beautiful.  Lillies and Gerber Daises are perfect and they come in a multiple number of colors. Pick a color, it’s your day!
  6. Are you looking for that special getaway after the ceremony? Try a two seated bicycle or mo-ped.  Non-traditional for sure, but very memorable and unexpected for you and your guests.
  7. Lighting is pretty special and changes the whole aviance in your reception.  Up lighting is everywhere, so why not try something a little more Spring like, like colorful lanterns or use crystal chandeliers everywhere! It will make a powerful impact on your lighting and the tone set for your room.
  8. Spring is in the air, so check into an ice cream truck as your dessert or part of your dessert.  We all have great memories of the ice cream truck coming down the street when we were kids and running to get it.  This will bring back memories for everyone and is fun and unexpected.
  9. Don’t’ forget your “must have” photos. Something special for the two of you. Try a photo with you wedding party that’s different and new.  You’re photographer will have a list of ideas for you and if you have something special in mind, share the idea with him.  These are your pictures and you want them to last a life time.  
  10. Favors are always fun to give to their guests.  It’s Spring so give your guests pretty packets of garden seeds or bulbs, mini trees or even mini florals.   The seeds will grow as your love grows for one another.
Wishing you much happiness as you enjoy the colors, the smells and everything Spring! 
Happy planning!
Mary Homer
Fairy Tale Weddings and Events


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2016 Wedding Trends

New Years has come and gone, so bring on the business of weddings!  Let’s ring in 2016 with all the new  trends we can expect to see this year!  Elegance is back in style, although I doubt it really ever went out of style.
The Pantone Color for 2016 was actually two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.  Very soft and muted colors by far.  However mixed in with these lovely colors are shades of Metallics including Gold, Silver, Bronze and Cooper. These metallics punch up your color scheme to that next level of elegance.  It’s fun and there’s so many ways of incorporating these metallic colors.

Along with this color scheme are Specialty Venues being sought out by brides and grooms.  These couples are looking for something a little different and bit more intimate. No longer are the huge ball rooms in great demand.  Instead there’s a trend for “old world” barns, which we have seen for a few years now, along with other “out of the norm” venues.  Look into local industrial lofts, a roof top building that can accommodate your celebration or even your favorite Bed and Breakfast.  These are smaller venues than the traditional, large ball room, however by down sizing your guests list, you spend time with close family and friends and maintain control of your budget.  You’re able to take a deep breath and be in the presence of your favorite people and know that you are loved.
Do you love flowers? Then this season is for you with soft hues of rose gold and blues, stunning champagne and pink tones and don’t forget the candle light!  Votives are always a wonderful staple, but add a splash of fun with hanging candles or the ever classic taper candle in silver candle holders.  Your florals will go from pretty to stunningly beautiful in no time.
Have you tried on wedding gowns yet?  Whatever your wedding gown style may be, an A-Line or Princess cut, Mermaid or Trumpet, or even the ever classic Ball Gown, lace and appliqués will be the hot trend this season.  Lace and appliqués can be used in so many parts of your gown from your sleeves, the back of your dress or even simply to cover just a little bit across your shoulders.  Don’t forget to add a touch of your personality, whether it’s a special broche from your Grandma, a beautiful hair piece or a piece of your mother’s wedding dress for added pockets. Remember to put your personal touch on it. 
Photo Booths and DJ’s have been around for some time. However, there is a trend leaning toward live entertainment for your ceremony, as well as your reception.  If you’re budget allows, live entertainment should be a consideration.  The MC for the band is just as entertaining as a DJ.  They make announcements, sing and dance on the dance floor with you and even have a knack for getting your guests up and dancing, having a memorable time.  Photo Booths are not just your “old” photo booths any more either.  They are expanding with many creative options including more interactive booths, including flip books and green screens and they make perfect favors for your guests.
Have you been to a wedding lately?  Did they have a traditional wedding cake? Most likely it was something a bit more untraditional and rustic.  The love for the “naked” cake is going strong.  A naked cake essentially has no frosting on the outside of the cake but can still be beautifully designed and decorated with live flowers and fruit.  However a large wedding trend we are seeing are dessert options for your guests.  Do you like pie? Or maybe cheese cake?  Then consider a dessert display or mini pies and cheese cakes. Or maybe you’d prefer mini cannolis for your guests.  The skies the limit when designing a dessert table, so go ahead, be creative!

Last but not least, don’t forget your invitations.  Things are changing this season with the use of metallics. Foil, black and gold are hot this year in invitations. Brides are looking to upgrade their invitation stock, linings and embellishments. You’re able to use gorgeous handmade papers for inserts and layering your invitation.  And yes ladies, there are affordable options.
With all the new ideas, color schemes and options available this wedding season, you can expect to see some very glamorous and fabulous weddings this season! I’m so excited to see what ideas you come up with and how stunningly beautiful they will be.
Happy planning!



The Holidays are coming, but what about my Wedding?

It’s that time of year, holiday lights are up and twinkling, the smell of evergreen trees are everywhere and yes, there’s Christmas music playing on many of our local radio channels.  You’re engaged with a beautiful diamond on your left ring finger, so what about your wedding planning during the holiday season?  
As a newly engaged bride to be, you may be stressed now that the holidays are upon us.  But have no fear; the holidays are only here for a short amount of time.  Chances are you’ve picked your date and hopefully have discussed ideas for the location for your wedding ceremony and reception.  You may even have already asked your best friend or sister to be your Maid of Honor and your wedding party maybe somewhat set.  But now what do you do?
November and December are the busiest months of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations every where.  The very best thing to do and to relieve a great deal of stress, is to simply enjoy your holidays.  You can jot down ideas, color schemes or any ideas you’re thinking about for your wedding to revisit in January.  Remember to take some “Me” time.  This can be a trip to your gym, a visit to your favorite nail salon or even scheduling a massage.   But most of all take a deep breath.  After all, it’s the holiday season and you want to enjoy your time with family and friends.
That’s not to say during your shopping trips and travels you shouldn’t keep an eye open for your bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts, as there are discounts everywhere this time of year.  And don’t forget about items that are discounted during this holiday season you can use toward your wedding like lights, candles, containers and vases in shades of white or metallics and linens.  Your budget will thank you after the holidays, once you discover how much you saved on these gifts during the holidays.
One important note: This is not the best time to create or add to a wedding registry. Inventory is full of seasonal items, even products which have no obvious holiday theme, stores are trying to clear out. Wait under after the holidays and shelves are restocked.
You’re receiving holiday cards at this time of year, like all of us are. Keep a list of these names and addresses for your wedding invitations.  This works double duty as you’re actually starting your wedding invitation list and you have your guests addresses all together.  And it won’t even feel like work, after all you’re enjoying their holiday cards and wishes. 
Enjoy your holiday and the special time you spend with your family and friends.  The New Year is just around the corner and all your lists and details will be there waiting for you too. 
Happy Holidays from our family to yours!  

Happy Planning.